High Altitude Wingset (V1 DATAhawk)

£695.00 Excl VAT. Image may not reflect exact product.

High Altitude DATAhawk Wingset


The wingset provides greater lift for high altitude than the standard DATAhawk wingset (non-moulded).

It is also the wingset for the PPK Datahawk.

it is suitable for all climates including hot.

Please contact us before purchasing to ensure fit and availability.

The wingset is laminated and comes complete with fitted servos, ailerons, spar grabs and wingtips.

  • Left and Right Wings
  • Ailerons attached
  • Aileron runs
  • Servos installed and tested
  • Wingtip holder installed
  • Forward spar holder attached
  • Rear Spar former attached
  • Internal wiring Complete
  • Servo/Wingspar Cover and Servo Decals attached
  • Wingspar Holder Attached

Comes with 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty